Welcome to the Trust!
This is the page where we will introduce you to your new colleagues who have just joined the Royal's team. We will be updating this page twice a month after they are inducted, you will find names, job titles and departments to make you all aware of who is starting, where and give you the opportunity to make them feel welcome. Scroll down to find out more...

Update - 3rd December

Marissa Andrew - Business Admin Apprentice
Rhys Aubignac - Healthcare Assistant
Joanne Bradley - Bank Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Fiona Bradley - Healthcare Assistant
Caroline Brookes - Healthcare Assistant
Lynne Burton - Staff Nurse/Operating Department Practitioner
Katie Callaghan - Healthcare Assistant
Amy Chappell - Healthcare Assistant
Donna Cox - Administrator/Receptionist
Amanda Daniel - Supportive Care Nurse Practitioner
Anna Elliott - Haematology Associate Specialist
Jamie Gilliver - Healthcare Assistant
Stephanie Goodwin - Healthcare Assistant
Rebecca Hanson - Staff Nurse/Operating Department Practitioner
Sara Hinch - Safeguarding Advisor
Karen Johnson - Communications Advisor (Internal Communications Specialist)
Bethany Kirby - Adminstrator/Receptionist
Shaun Marsh - Head of Health and Safety
Jamie Moxon - Security Team Leader
Kayleigh Naughton - Patient Services Assistant - Domestic
Lewis Oldfield - Healthcare Assistant
Sarah Osborne - Decontamination Units Assistant
Thomas Reid - Decontamination Units Assistant
Taylor Simpson - Administrator/Receptionist
Tracy Spencer - Healthcare Assistant
Emma Wardale - Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Frailty
Bethany Wardle-Millar - Administrator/Receptionist
Caroline Hallowes - Diabetes Support Worker

Update - 19th November

Kirsty Bagshaw - Medical Workforce Officer
Claire Bidwell - Night Switchboard Operator
Sophie Bower - Patient services Assistant: Catering
Stephanie Bryan - Operating Department Orderly
Imran Butt - General Practioner
Lianne Chambers - Records Assistant
Anita Coan - Specialty Doctor
Hannah Cooke - Healthcare Assistant
Georgia Douglas - Patient records Assistant
Stephen Longdon - Volunteer
Dr Meeral Makwana - Specialty Doctor
Peter Morton - Volunteer
Tracy O'Neill - Switchboard Operator
David Redfern - Bank Linen Team Member
Patrick Scully - Volunteer
Olivia Taylor - Senior Occupational Therapist (Stroke)
Kerry Topham - Healthcare Assistant
Lois Ward - Business Administration Apprentice
Eleanor Ward - Volunteer
Jean Williams - Bank Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Jennifer Wilson - Senior Physiotherapist Surgery and Amputees

Update - 5th November

Mohammad Abd Rajak - General Practitioner
Thomas Armstrong - Volunteer
Dawn Barker - Staff Nurse
Roger Barrett - Bank Patient Escort
Ruth Barrett-Naylor - Clinical Psychologist, Youth Offending Service
Claire Bidwell - Night Switchboard Operator
Samantha Birds - Clinical Administrative Officer
Megan Blake - Staff Nurse/Operating Department Practitioner
Julie Botchett - Bank Records Assistant
Imogen Brocklehurst - Paediatric Staff Nurse
Jennifer Carter - Volunteer
Elizabeth Ellis - Volunteer
Emma Finegan - Volunteer
Charles Frakes - ICT Systems Trainer
Emmie Hall - Business Admin Apprentice
Danielle Hannan - Diabetes Nurse Practitioner
Mary Haw - Bank Typist
Carol Irons - Catering Team Member
Corrina Johnson - Catering Team Member, Bank
Kaltun Mahamud - Radiography Practitioner
Susan Millan - Patient Services Assistant, Catering
Matthew Moon - Staff Nurse
Elizabeth Mullins - Volunteer
Mollie Palfreyman - Volunteer
Sophie Palmer - Volunteer
William Peck - Patient Services Assistant, Catering
Alicia Raybould - Volunteer
Jemma Richmond - CAMHS Community Mental Health Worker
Georgia Roberts - Volunteer
Katie Saker - Staff Nurse
Elizabeth Saltmarsh - General Practitioner
Margaret Smith - Staff Nurse
Natcha Trakunkanha - Patient services Assistant, Domestic
Simon Tyler - Bank Porter
Allison Wain - Bank Clinical Typist, Imaging Department
Paul Willers - Bank Porter
Helene Willers - Catering Team Member, Bank
Pauline Yates - Volunteer
Jayne Moore - Deputy Head of Procurement
Jayne Stringfellow - Non-Executive Director
Ian Bickle - Radiologist
Amelia Page - NHS Graduate Trainee
Shauib Rajak - General Practitioner

Update - 15th October

Lauren Allen - Patient services Assistant
Heather Bailey - Medical Workforce Officer
Roger Barrett - Bank Patient Escort
Kerry Bennett - Healthcare Assistant
Louise Bennett - Healthcare Assistant
Pauline Billyeald - Records Assistant
Jade Boswell - Children's Occupational Therapist
Katie Brown - Patient Records Assistant
Danielle Burns - Healthcare Assistant
Abbie Callaway - Apprentice Patient and Admin Support Assistant
Jennifer Carter - Volunteer
Amy Charlesworth - Patient Records Assistant
Ryan Clark - Patient Records Assistant
Mary Corry - Clinical Typist
James Ford - Physiotherapy Assistant
Angela Gow - Healthcare Assistant
Joshua Hawley - Ultrasound Student
Vicky Hill - Maternity Assistant
Luke Jenkinson - Listening into Action Facilitator
Charlotte Lamb - Theatre Reception Support Worker
Georgina Lawrence - Theatre Support Worker
Alexandra Leedham - Clinical Psychologist
Elizabeth Li - Senior Radiography Practitioner: MRI
Nicole Martin - Bank Sonographer
Nina Morgan - Records Assistant
Musonda Mutale - Staff Nurse
Kelly O'Brien - Receptionist
Dellan Oke - Volunteer
Daniel Rhodes - Administration Assistant IP&C/TB Service
Helen Russell - Senior Clinical Pharmacist - Advanced Practice
Eke Schuijtvlot-Roos - Bank Typist
Rachel Smedley - Research Midwife
Elizabeth Stephens - CAMHS Specialist Community Advisor
Haimaira Tariq - Ultrasound Student
Tina Thompson - Allied Health Professional Practice Learning Lead
Harriet Tilley - Speech and Language Therapist
Russell Towndrow - Bank Messenger/Postal Service Team Member
Isaac Tuckey - Volunteer
Katie Webb - Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Gemma Wilson - Maternity Assistant
Pauline Yates - Volunteer
Iona Beswick - Volunteer

Update - 1st October

April Jones - Midwife
Anna Adams - Staff Nurse
Rehana Allison - Staff Nurse
Lucy Atkinson - Staff Nurse
Lauren Bishop - Midwife
Carla Brentnall - Staff Nurse
Emma Broadway - Staff Nurse
Amanda Bryant - IBD Nurse Practitioner
Emily Burns - Staff Nurse
Vicky Chapman - Midwife
Connie Chiuchiolo - Staff Nurse
Katie Dawson - Staff Nurse
Sophie Decent - Midwife
Gail Fedwick - Staff Nurse
Crystal Fitt - Staff Nurse
Gary Fuller - Staff Nurse
Stacey Gorril - Staff Nurse
Dilbar Gostautiene - OFP/Staff Nurse
Gracie Havenhand - Staff Nurse
Joanne Heath - Midwife
Jade Hicks - Midwife
Hannah Hill - Staff Nurse
Claire Hodgkinson - Staff Nurse
Megan Husbands - Staff Nurse
Emma Johnson - Staff Nurse
Jordanne Johnson - Staff Nurse
Melissa Lamb - Midwife
Ashley Layden - Staff Nurse
Jessica Lister - Staff Nurse
Angela Llewellyn - Staff Nurse
Alice Lomas - Staff Nurse
Chantelle Lowde - Staff Nurse
Catherine Marriott - Assistant Practitioner
Amy Mason - Staff Nurse
Bethan McCabe - Midwife
Kirsty McGinley - Staff Nurse
Chloe Meehan - Staff Nurse
Lucy Morton - Staff Nurse
Hsalawehmoo Myint - Staff Nurse
Demara Brewster - Staff Nurse
Kayleigh Peacock - Staff Nurse
Emma Purcell - ODP/Staff Nurse
Lila Robinson - Midwife
Samantha Ruddy - Staff Nurse
Jasmine Sambrook - Staff Nurse
Zoe Sludds - Staff Nurse
Bradley Stevens - Staff Nurse
Lisa Stevenson - Staff Nurse
Emma Stirling - Staff Nurse
Thomas Stokes - Staff Nurse
Vanessa Thomas - Staff Nurse (NQ)
Nicola Turnock - Staff Nurse
Karen Wadkin - Staff Nurse
Zoe Wadsworth - Staff Nurse
Abigail Walker - Midwife
Laura Walker - Midwife
Leigharna Whall - Staff Nurse
Ella Whittaker - Staff Nurse
Julie Winnard - Staff Nurse
Sarah Worton - Staff Nurse

Update - 17th September

Marie Airton - Volunteer
Denis Atkins - Volunteer
Charlotte Blunt - Administrator/Receptionist
Theresa Boston - Patient Services Assistant
John Bown - Volunteer
Elizabeth Bradwell - Pharmacy Technician
Stephanie Bryan - Operating Department Orderly
James Cater - Volunteer
Jane Cooke - Volunteer
Stefan Cristian - Volunteer
Sally Fadzilah - Administrator/Receptionist
Bonnie Goohar - Haematology Consultant
Stacey Gorrill - Hasland Ward Staff Nurse
Scott Green - Volunteer
Sophie Hayes - Physiotherapy Assistant
Megan Hewitt - Patient Services Assistant
Julie Howarth - Healthcare Assistant
Rachel Hudson - Healthcare Assistant
Clare Jackson - Consultant Cardiologist
Samantha Johnston - Assistant Psychologist
Alice Kay - Dietitian
Vicki Kelly - Administrator/Receptionist
Azonklounonton Kouton - Healthcare assistant
Fabio Liguori - Healthcare Assistant
Adam Littler - General Manager
Chloe Meehan - Staff Nurse
Clare Ordidge - Healthcare Assistant
Chalotte Partridge - Administrator/Receptionist
Zoe Payne - Healthcare Assistant
Kayleigh Peacock - Staff Nurse
Amy Radford - CAMHS Community Mental Health Worker
Kimberley Tagan - Patient services Assistant
Megan Russell - Admin Apprentice
Sebastian Shaw - Patient Services Assistant
Bradley Stevens - Staff Nurse
Thomas Stokes - Staff Nurse
Holly Taylor - Maternity Assistant
Katie Thorpe - Healthcare Assistant
Wendy Umney - Patient Services Assistant
Samantha Wallace - Volunteer
Sarah Worton - Staff Nurse
Jack Key - Volunteer

Update - 3rd September

Marie Airton - Volunteer
Laura Alderson - Staff Nurse
Chloe Bottom - Volunteer
Toni Bradder - Staff Nurse
Spencer Bradshaw - Undergraduate Placement Trainee
Mary Brown - Birth Centre Coordinator
Stefan Christian - Volunteer
Emma Cox - Inter-Professional Educator
Libby Davis - Aministrator/Receptionist
Nicholas Earl - Data Warehouse Technician
Holly Edwards - Staff Nurse
Bonnie Goohar - Haematology Consultant
Cheryl Hadfield - Patient Services Assistant
Gemma Hardy - Inter-Professional Clinical Educator
Phillipa Harwood - Staff Nurse
Lauren Haslam - Volunteer
Joy Johnson - Administration Assistant
Kathryn Kilmartin - Ward Receptionist
Richard Lycett - Volunteer
Jessica Mallinson - Volunteer
Paulius Martuzevicius - Finance Graduate Trainee
Justine Norton - Inter-Professional Clinical Educator
Jessica Pendlebury - Staff Nurse
Louise Pennington - Medical Workforce Officer
Rachel Potter - CAMHS Eating Disorders Mental Health Practitioner
Val Robinson - Volunteer
Anna Rush - Patient Services Assistant
Claire Saxby - Occupational Therapist, Admissions Avoidance Team
Nicole Stevens - Temporary Clerical Officer, GPST Programme
Jane Thomas - Patient Services Assistant, Domestic
John Thorpe - Foundation Trust Secretary
Catherine Marriott - Assistant Practitioner
Vandana Moore - Consultant

Update - 20th August

Douglas Bilbie - Healthcare Assistant
Lauren Buckley - Healthcare Assistant
Justine Chapman - Healthcare Assistant
Helen Cole - Healthcare Assistant
Wheela Daddy - Healthcare Assistant
Katie Divall - Healthcare Assistant
Carole Dysart - Volunteer
Mitchell Elliott - IT Support Assistant
Julian Frith - Caretaker
Tina Hayward - Healthcare Assistant
Chloe Hoffmeister - Bank Admin Assistant
Joe Hinchliffe - Healthcare Assistant
Rumana Khan - Volunteer
Amy McNeice - Healthcare Assistant
Sarah Musgrove - Healthcare Assistant
Sally Osborn - Healthcare Assistant
Louise Pennington - Medical Workforce Officer
Daniel Pickwell - Pharmacy Technician Apprentice
Alan Rowley - Volunteer
Jennifer Sharpe - Volunteer
Emily Smith - Operating Department Orderly
Ann Stray - Patient Services Assistant
Jodie Taylor - Volunteer
Isabella Thomson - Volunteer
David Thropp - Operating Department Orderly
Joel Vargas Laime - Healthcare Assistant
David Waller - Volunteer
Chelsea Whitaker - Maternity Assistant
Lee Wilson - Porters (Bank)
Abbie Haywood - Patient Services


Update - 6th August

Glenys Ashley - Patient Services Assistant
Michelle Ashley - Quality Governance Co-Ordinator
Katie Bagshaw - Volunteer
Ellis Ball - Volunteer
Amina Bibi - Student Audiologist
Tracey Colley - Pharmacy Assistant
Clare Collins - Receptionist for Community Midwifery Base
Megan Cusworth - Volunteer
Tamara Dean - Pre-Reg Pharmacist
Carine Dearsley - Hospital Pharmacist
Emma Fitzgerald - Children's Speech and Language Therapist
Peter Fletcher - Chef
Lauren Hawley - Volunteer
Abbie Haywood - Patient Services Assistant
Sharon Heard - Operating Department Practitioners/Staff Nurses
Susan Hopkinson - Bank Typist
Abir Hussain - Dietetic Enteral Feeding Administrative Assistant
Rachel Mason - Admin Assistant 
Joy Mcdermott - Pharmacy Assistant
Lisa McIntyre - Bank Sonographers
Natasha Mines - ICT Project Support Officer
Emily Monk - Community Children's Nursing Assistant
Raiya Morris - Radiography Practitioner
Francesca O'Halloran - Pre-Reg Pharmacist
Sandra Oberhem Ogie - Stroke Staff Nurse
Heidi O'Ryan - Stroke Matron
Shelley Parkin - Patient Services Assistant
Roxanne Paulucci - Staff Nurse
William Pinson - Porters (Bank)
Ramakrishna Rachaputi - Bank Sonographers
Bethan Rickards - Pre-Reg Pharmacist
Thomas Russell - Patient Services Assistant
Lauren Speed - Volunteer
Aneesa Talib - Student Audiologist
Sara Thornton - Switchboard Operator (Bank Zero Hours Contract)
David Waller - Volunteer
Louise West - Clinical Administration Officer
Bradley White - Volunteer
Kira Woodward - Volunteer
Cheryl Clarke - Staff Nurse

Update - 16th July

Emma Day - Clinical Administrative Officer
Anne Ellis - Catering Team Member
Lisa Gertson - Dietitian
Sharon Grafton - Activity Co-Ordinator
Samantha Henson - Catering Team Member
Rahabb Irving - Clinical Typist/Administration Assistant - Imaging Department
Michael Jay - Porter Full Time EOI
Gavin Johnson - Senior Radiography Practitioner - MRI
Sally Johnson - Senior Radiography Practitioner - MRI
Tanya Martin - Patient Services Assistant
Salvatore Morrone - Band 5 Staff Nurse
Paige Newcombe - Healthcare Assistant
Tracy Olejniczak - Catering Team Member
David Parsons - Porter Full Time EOI
Shaunagh Perry - Healthcare Assistant
Joel Platts - Theatre Support Worker
Andrew Quinn - Porters (Bank)
Sarah Raynes - Radiography Practitioner
Juliet Smart - Catering Team Member
Susan Smith - Patient Services Assistant
Nicola Wallis - Healthcare Assistant
Eden Walton - Healthcare Assistant
Jasmine Ward - Business Admin Apprentice
Tammy Chan - Pre Reg Trainee Pharmacist
Natalie Poon - Pre Reg Trainee Pharmacist
Ruth Stewart - Physio/TI

Update - 2nd July

Martin Bailey - Volunteer
Nicole Betts - Staff Nurse
Georgia Coltart - Diabetes Support Worker
Niall Cornforth - Volunteer
Nancy Cryan - Volunteer
Karen Davies - Patient Services Assistant
Carlotte Gorton - Endoscopy Booking Officer
Natalie Hardy - Staff Nurse
Suzzanna Leeming - Bank Sonographers
Aimee Longden-Smith - Volunteer
Bernice Matlama - Staff Nurse
Barbara McCaffrey - Head of Imaging
Colin Morgan - Volunteer
Frances Pollard - Staff Nurse, Discharge Lounge
Heather Porter - Patient Services Assistant
Sally Renke - Nutrition Support Project Dietitian
Beverley Shoreson - Patient Services Assistant
Davis Swann - Specialty Doctor in Anaesthetics
Nadine Taylor - General Imaging Assistant
Lindsey Vickers - Stroke Sister
Samantha Welton - Physiotherapy Assistant
Alice Wilson - Volunteer
Leanne Yates - Volunteer
Jamie Rae Burgayne - Application Support Lead EMRAD

Update - 18th June

Samantha Adin - Healthcare Assistant
Victoria Allen - Patient Services Assistant
Kirsty Bond - Healthcare Assistant
Susan Caudwell - Patient Services Assistant - Residences
Nancy Cryan - Trust Volunteer
Natasha Davis - CAMHS Children's Community Mental Health Worker
Kathryn Foley - Bereavement Service Officer
Johanne Hopkinson - Healthcare Assistant
Gina Houchin - Endoscopy Booking Officer
Michael Killick - Non Executive Director
Ryan McCormack - Head of Capital Projects
Laura Nichols - Healthcare Assistant
Kady Parkin - Healthcare Assistant
Frances Pollard - Staff Nurse Discharge Lounge
Claire Richards - Clinic Admin Assistant
Emma Rose - Healthcare Assistant
Philip Spinks - Medical Workforce Officer
Jake Spooner - Healthcare Assistant
Sian Summer - Service Improvement Facilitator
Trudy Sweeney - Healthcare Assistant
Nadine Taylor - General Imaging Assistant
Sandra Watson - Clinical Administrative Officer
Katherine Webley - CAMHS Eating Disorders Mental Health Practitioner
Paul Devonshire - Residences Co-ordinator


Update - 4th June

Graham Bee - Trust Volunteer
Julia Burton - CAMHS Specialist Support Worker
Helen Clithero - Ward Receptionist
Benjamin Cowell - Risk and Datix Manager
Sarah Davies - Typist/Administrative Assistant
Clare Dowsett - Staff Nurse
Darlene Elliott - Typist/Admin Assistant/Relief Receptionist
Graham Eyre - Staff Nurse
Melanie Fox - New Appointments Officer
Patricia Furniss - Clinical Typist
Adam Cage - Clinical Coder
Leanne Greatorex - Staff Nurse
Natalie Hardy - Staff Nurse
Donna Jarvis - Staff Nurse
Sadie Lewis - Switchboard Operator (Bank Zero Hours Contract)
Sally Marples - LD/MH Nurse or other suitably qualified professional or AHP for LD CAMHS)
Susan Mason - Typist/Adminstrative Assistant
Benjamin Reedman - Biomedical Scientist
Lynne Sargeant - Clinical Nurse Specialist in Palliative Care
Francesca Ward - Divisional Co-Ordinator
Katie Weatherall - Healthcare Assistant
Beverley Whitaker - Patient and Admin Support Assistant
Tracy Wilbourne - Switchboard Operator
Lucy Carter - Volunteer
Sarah Gallagher - Diabetes Nurse Specialist

Update - 21st May

Victoria Archibald - Healthcare Assistant
Diane Ball - Healthcare Assistant
Hannah Batty - Healthcare Assistant
Christie Bennett - Assistant Service Manager
Rachel Cadywould - Appointments Co-ordinator
Joanne Canning - Bank Retail Team Member
Antony Clarke - Trust Volunteer
Emily Crawshaw - Trust Volunteer
Jessica Cross - Healthcare Assistant
Barbara Fennell - Trust Volunteer
Gemma Fisher - Pathway and Performance Manager
Lauren Fletcher - Midwife
William Holmes - Trust Volunteer
Dr Grace Kuruvilla - Paediatric Registrar
Desmond Loftus - Pathology Van Driver
Melanie Lucas - Patient and Admin Support Assistant
Laura McGowan - Healthcare Assistant
Megan Oakley - Healthcare Assistant
Tammy Potts - Healthcare Assistant
Angela Rimington - Ward Receptionist
Danielle Roach - Healthcare Assistant
Lois Stirland - Healthcare Assistant
Leanne Yates - Trust Volunteer
Victoria Archibald - Healthcare Assistant

Update - 16th April

Phoebe Allatt - Trust Volunteer
Carley Aston - Staff Nurse
Georgia Brailsford - Occupational Therapy Assistant Apprentice
Megan Briddon - Occupational Therapy Assistant Apprentice
Chloe Brown - Trust Volunteer
Victoria Broadbent - Filing Clerk
Alison Butler - Healthcare Assistant
Lucy Cowlishaw - Trust Volunteer
Dawn Creasey - Trainee Nursing Associate
Melisha Daff - Healthcare Assistant
Francesca Denton - Filing Clerk 
Margaret Dobson - Trust Volunteer
Kiana-Kay Ellis - RIS Data Quality Administrator
Caroline Gath - Trust Volunteer
Katie Grinter - Staff Nurse
Emma Hall - Trainee Nursing Associate
Rhonda Hodges - Specialist Biomedical Scientist, Microbiology
Clare Leveridge - Facilities Services Senior Administrator
Amy Leversidge - Healthcare Assistant
Gary Morris - Trainee Nursing Associate
Katie Palmer - Midwife
Emily Pearson - Speech and Language Therapist
Troy Pleasance - Radiography Practitioner
Lara Russell - Occupational Therapy Assistant Apprentice
Sarah Rutledge - Physiotherapy Assistant
Eve Scalfe - Patient Experience Advisor
Sarah Simpson - Healthcare Assistant
Jodie Smith - Trust Volunteer
Trudy Stringfellow - Lead OD Practitioner
Bethany Tozzi - Specialist Biomedical Scientist
Diana Vasile - Senior Clinical Pharmacist, Advanced Practice
Katherine Webley - CAMHS Eating Disorders Mental Health Practitioner
Pauline Jones - Trust Volunteer
Amanda Kirkwood - Assistance and Complaints

Update - 3rd April

Hannah Aitken - Staff Nurse
Victoria Archibald - Trust Volunteer
Carley Aston - Staff Nurse
Libby Canning - Staff Nurse NQ
Gaynor Chambers - Midwife
Kate Coleman - Staff Nurse NQ
Lisa Davies - Staff Nurse NQ
Danielle Dustan - Staff Nurse NQ
Pia Galante - Midwife
Kelsey Godwin - Staff Nurse NQ
Rebecca Hamilton - Staff Nurse NQ
Sarah Hammond - Clinical Psychologist
Gemma Hands - Ward Receptionist
Rebecca Kenney - Assistant Clinical Psychologist
Emma Khumalo - Staff Nurse
Simona Labo - Staff Nurse
Gillian Marland - Specialist Biomedical Scientist Histology
Lacey Nussey - Staff Nurse NQ
Mellissa Oldfield - Staff Nurse NQ
Amanda Pegden - Acute Medical Consultant
Michele Phipps - Paediatric Liaison Nurse
Mere Ravueta - Staff Nurse
Emma Sanderson - Staff Nurse NQ
Hildegard Seka - Staff Nurse
Kylie Stewart - Staff Nurse
Sorele Swallow - Staff Nurse NQ
Chloe Turner - Pathology Administrative Apprentice
Maureen Watkiss - Trust Volunteer
Hannah Wilson - Diabetes Transition Worker


Update - 19th March

Anna Badcock - Children's Speech and Language Therapist
Michelle Bennett - Healthcare Assistant
Charlotte Davenport - Trainee Nursing Associate
Judith Haton - Healthcare Assistant
Emma Millar - Staff Nurse
Nicola Mills - Healthcare Assistant
Hannah Oldfield - Midwife
Zoe-Leanne Parkin - Midwife
Amy Richards - Staff Nurse
Claire Scott-Briggs - Staff Nurse
Collette Shaw - Maternity Assistant
Charlotte Shelton - Theatre Support Worker
Leah Smalley - Procurement Administrator
Alison Thompson - Trust Volunteer
Lucy Wagstaff - Staff Nurse (NQ)
Rebecca Webster - Staff Nurse

Update - 5th March

Victoria Airey - Sister
Nikki Bullett - Dietitian
Monique Cameron - Trust Volunteer
Rachel Cross - Mammography Administrative Officer
Francesca Degnan - Patient Services Assistant
Lucy Eaves - Assistant Psychologist
Amy Forshaw - Staff Nurse (NQ)
Neeta Gogna - Senior Clinical Pharmacist - Advanced Practice
Cheryl Harding - Staff Nurse (NQ)
Felicity Isherwood - Procurement Administrator
Lorna Mann - Specialty Doctor
Anne O'Neil - Transfusion Competency Assessor
Donna Preece - Staff Nurse (NQ)
Kirsty Quinn - Staff Nurse (NQ)
Bridget Ramsdale - Patient Service Assistant - Catering (3 Months Temporary)
Tony Revill - Patient Services Assistant
Christy Russ - Staff Nurse (NQ)
Joanne Russell - Consultant Physician Health Care of the Elderly and Frailty/Community Geriatrics
Lucy Smith - Staff Nurse (NQ)
Julie Stanwix - Senior Physiotherapist Orthopaedics
Julie Taylor - Dermatology Healthcare Assistant
Judith Taylor - Senior Physiotherapist
Amanda Turner - Staff Nurse (NQ)
Julia Williamson - Senior Clinical Pharmacist
Debbie Thompson - Relief Receptionist
Sunimol Augustin - Staff Nurse
Sue Denton - Admin Assistant
Amy Richards - Staff Nurse

Update - 19th February

Stella Bates - Healthcare Assistant
Alicia Clarkson - Healthcare Assistant
Courtney Featherstone - Trainee Nursing Associate
Katherine Garvey - Lead Senior Occupational Therapist
Lian Goldsmith - Healthcare Assistant
Rebecca Green - Trainee Nursing Associate
Naomi Harrison - Patient services Assistant (3 months temporary)
Sharleen Harrison - Patient Service Assistant (3 months temporary)
Penny Higginbottom - Records Assistant
Clare Marven - Practice Nurse
Sheree Massey - Healthcare Assistant
Sophie Pitts - Trainee Nursing Assistant
Kerrei Rogan-Seedhouse - Healthcare Assistant
Amy-Leigh - Sanderson - Healthcare Assistant
Lucy Scott - Business Admin Apprentice
Dionna Smith - Theatre Support Worker
Jessica Stansfield - Trainee Nursing Associate
Gwendoline Widdowson - Healthcare Assistant
Lorraine Zakeyo - Trainee Nursing Associate
Jessica Hayes - Support Worker Theatres
Danielle Cash - RGN


Update - 5th February

Snehal Adu-Kumi - Specialist Biomedical Scientist Histology
Sally Chadwick - Staff Nurse
Helen Dunn - Healthcare Assistant
Carol Fanshawe - Healthcare Assistant
Amanda Gregory - Admin Assistant Procurement
Jasmine Hardy - Data Warehouse Specialist
Jemma Hodgkinson - Staff Nurse
Matthew Joynes - Quality Governance Co-Ordinator
Enoch Kan - Pre-Reg Pharmacist
Jennifer Manger - Clinical Effectiveness Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Millington - New Appointments Clerk
Ellena Musgrove - Healthcare Assistant
Nkulumani Ndlovu - Band 5 Staff Nurse
Heather Potter - Administrative Assistant eRostering
Davinder Rayat - ED Receptionist
Rachel Robbins - Hasland Ward Staff Nurse
Danita Sheffield - Healthcare Assistant
Sharon Shooter - Patient services Assistant
Gill Stevens - Head of Human Resources
Andrew Tait - Decontamination Unit Assistant
Amy Trewick - Healthcare Assistant
Shadab Ali - Specialty Doctor
Jessie Mailosi - Staff Nurse

Update - 15th January

Habeeba Ahmed - Pharmacy Quality Co-Ordinator
Victoria Biggin - Transformation Co-Ordinator
Claire Burke - Integrated Midwife
Diego Garcia Cortes - Senior Clinical Pharmacist
Susan Denton - Infection Control/TBService Admin Assistant
Lauren Fanshaw - Healthcare Assistant
Lois Gent - Healthcare Assistant
Lyndsey Huntingdon - Ward Receptionist
Laura Kilroy - Receptionist
Lisa Kinder - Healthcare Assistant
Kay Lavin - Healthcare Assistant
Neil Pickering - Healthcare Assistant
Eleanor Ringland - Clinical Scientist
Nicola Robotham - Clinical Typist
Pamela Rumbell - Macmillan Cancer Transformation Lead
Paige Ryan - Healthcare Assistant
Wani Salman - Paediatrics Consultant
Rebecca Vardy - Healthcare Assistant
Janice Watson - Healthcare Assistant
Lucy Almond - Admin Assistant
James Swift - Senior Assistant Accountant

Update - 2nd January

Lewis Booker - ICT Business Administration Apprentice
Sharon Bullous - Staff Nurse
Clare Buxton - Staff Nurse
Jane Crossley - ODP/Staff Nurse
Ana Hachel - Staff Nurse
Tracy Harding - Receptionist
Terri Hare - Associate Screening Practitioner
Kate Hodgkins - Speciality Doctor Breast/General Surgery
Simon Holland - Buyer
Jessica Jackson - Staff Nurse
Claire Lait - Admin Assistant Procurement
Wendy Lawrie - Ward Volunteer - Workforce and OD
Chelsea Litchfield - Staff Nurse
Lorna Mann - Speciality Doctor Max Fac
Andrea Mccloskey - Audiology Admin Assistant
Pamela Rumbell - Macmillan Cancer Transformation Lead
Ellen Scott - Junior Ophthalmic Photographer
Andreea Scripcaru - Staff Nurse
Margaret Thorneycroft - Staff Nurse

Update - 18th December

Ruchelle Bacon - Maternity Assistant
Rhona Hall - Records Assistant
Nirmala Jha - Associate Specialist
Sophie Maclean - Records Assistant
Caroline Nutbrown - Maternity Assistant
Camilla Soderstrom - Junior Aphthalmic Photographer
Sarah Wyatt - Receptionist
Ellen Wang - Consultant
Jackie Taylor - Practice Nurse
Charise Greveson - Maternity Assistant

Update - 4th December

Saskia Barksby - Healthcare Assistant
Louise Baser - Staff Nurse
Margaret Bittle - Assistant Practitioner
Claire Brown - Healthcare Assistant
Joanne Bull - Sister
Donna Eden - Decontamination Unit Assistant
Sheridan English - Neonatal Staff Nurse
Joanna Fewkes - Service Manager
Sharon Fields - Healthcare Assistant
Rebekah Gale - Healthcare Assistant
Maggie Gore - Chaplaincy Volunteer
Sarah Hackett - Senior Radiography Practitioner - CT
Poppy Hall - Healthcare Assistant
Nicola Hibbert - Bank Retail Member
Hannah Hughes - Healthcare Assistant
Lyn James - Healthcare Assistant
Kristy Lowe - Audiologist
Louise Mahoney - Staff Nurse
Brooke Morris - Healthcare Assistant
Elizabeth O'Donnell - Specialist Children's Speech and Language - Children with Complex Needs
Rosalyn Penk - Patient Services Assistant
Kelly Plant - Healthcare Assistant
Julie Porter - Staff Nurse/ODP
Louise Prince - Integrated Midwife
Rebecca Relph - Healthcare Assistant
Aylse Ross - Chaplaincy Volunteer
Lyndsey Shaw - Service Manager
Pauline Smith - General Assistant
Carly Staton - Healthcare Assistant
Matthew Thurland - Service Manager
Kay Twyman - Healthcare Assistant
Janette Umney - Healthcare Assistant
Kirsten Woodhead - Healthcare Assistant
Rebecca Wright - Healthcare Assistant
Diane Smith - Healthcare Assistant
Jessica Simm - Healthcare Assistant
Patrick McDermott - Finance Partner

Update - 20th November

Jamie Carnell - Carpentry and Joinery Apprentice
Jennifer Clarke - Assistant HR Partner
Raisa Dodge - Healthcare Assistant
Collette Forester - Healthcare Assistant
Katie Fox - Healthcare Assistant
Samantha Garven - Healthcare Assistant
Noreen Hall - Theatre Support Worker
Danielle Hardingham - Adminstrator
Charlotte Harwood - Midwife#
Renu Khetan - Paediatrics Consultant
Dagmara Kowalewska - Healthcare Assistant
Gaynor Marsden - Patient Services Assistant
Leanne McKenzie - Healthcare Assistant
Jessica Meade - Healthcare Assistant
Dr Sharyn Montague - GP
Abi Nash - Healthcare Assistant
Vivien Perkins - Healthcare Assistant
Samantha Prime - Healthcare Assistant
Lesley Redfern - Healthcare Assistant
Alexander Rice - Apprentice ICT Support Technician
Amy Robinson - Healthcare Assistant
Lauren Sheppard - General Imaging Assistant
Diane Smith - Healthcare Assistant
Lindy Spragg - Healthcare Assistant
Janet Southworth - General Imaging Assistant
Abigail Taylor - Healthcare Assistant
Adele Walsh - Midwifery Support Worker
Hannah Watling - Accounts Apprentice
Keeley Woodward - Theatre Support Worker
Lysa Wragg - General Imaging Assistant
Lauren Youd - Midwife
Sarah Wild - Sonographer


Update - 2nd October

Sophie Armitage - Staff Nurse NQN
Sophie Armitt - Staff Nurse NQN
Linda Ashmore - Housekeeper/Administrative Assistant
Sawson Awad - Consultant Microbiologist
Fakolade Babatunde - Bank Sonographer
Charlotte Bower - Bank Sonographer
Hannah Browes - Staff Nurse NQN
Tanya Brown - Staff Nurse NQN
Kerry Clark - Assistant Clinical Psychologist
Sian Clayton - Staff Nurse NQN
Rachel Coleman-Smith - Clinical Psychologist
Angela Cooper - Retail Team Member
Natasha Cowdrey - Clinical Psychologist
Emily Durrant - Staff Nurse NQN
Robert Goodall - Scope Co-Ordinator
Carly Hall - Staff Nurse NQN
Kathryn Haslehurst - Staff Nurse NQN
Michael Hedland - Service Manager
Kieran Higginbottom - Bank Porter
Deborah Hollindale - Business Admin Apprentice
Lisa Hooper - Staff Nurse NQN
Kayleigh Jenkins - Staff Nurse NQN
Heidi Keeling - Specialist Childrens Speech and Language Therapist
Oscar Khan - Bank Phlebotomist
Liam Kirk - Staff Nurse NQN
Toni-Jade Leslie - Staff Nurse
Olivia McDermott - Neonatal Staff Nurse
Carly Miller - Staff Nurse NQN
Rebecca Nicholson - Staff Nurse NQN
Claire Nutbrown - Maternity Assistant
Amy O'Shea - Staff Nurse
Aqeeb Pervaiz - Senior Pharmacy Technician
Natasha Priestley - Staff Nurse NQN
Penny Proudler - Staff Nurse NQN
Amy Redhead - Staff Nurse NQN
Chloe Robinson - Staff Nurse NQN
Cheryl Robinson - Pharmacy Assistant
Rebecca Rock - Bank Sonographer
Nicola Ruston - Children's Occupational Therapist
Molly Sisson - Staff Nurse NQN
Molly Skillington - Maternity Assistant
Pauline Slater - Occupational Therapy Technical Instructor
Louise Smart - Staff Nurse
Wendy Smith - Staff Nurse NQN
Kelly Smith - Bank Phelbotomist
Anita Stapp - Staff Nurse
Katie Tait - Staff Nurse NQN
Abbie Thornton - Occupational Therapist
Natalya Van Steenburgen - Specialist Community Advisor
Roxanne Wagstaffe - Phlebotomist
Jade Waller - Children's Occupational Therapy Assistant
Christine White - Retail Team Member
Alexandra Lardley - Maternity Assistant
Laura Leach - Medicine
Dawn Wells - X-Ray Appointments Co-Ordinator
Jacqueline Barke - Sonpgrapher

Update - 18th September

Laura Birbeck - Physiotherapist
Rachel Bradbury - Healthcare Assistant
Hannah Browes - Staff Nurse (NQN)
Michelle Clarke - Healthcare Assistant
James Clarke - Healthcare Assistant
Bethany Clarke - Staff Nurse (NQN)
Katie Davison - Staff Nurse (NQN)
Lauren Deakin - Medical Laboratory Assistant
Tyler Devereux - Healthcare Assistant
Hannah Dillon - Phlebotomist
Cathy Emmens - Theatre Support Worker
Fiona Gannon - NHS Graduate
Howard Garlinge - General Imaging Pharmacist
Laura Godley - Senior Clinical Pharmacist
Melanie Greatorex - Infection Control
Michael Hayward - Chief Operating Officer
Abi Hutchinson - Healthcare Assistant
Toni Jones - Healthcare Assistant
Rachel Kellary - Apprentice HCA
Laura Leach - Staff Nurse NQN
Carly McGregor - Healthcare Assistant
Alexander Miller - Healthcare Assistant
Laura Orwin - Staff Nurse NQN
Emma Parker - Phlebotomist
Amber Percival - Business Admin Apprentice
Naomi Sidwell - Paediatric Staff Nurse
Kalissa State - Operating Department Orderly
Kalem Stoddart - Scope Co-Ordinator
Lynne Taylor - Staff Nurse NQN
Hollie Theakstone - Cancer Data and Performance Lead
Amy Tipper - Apprentice HCA
Georgia Turner - Apprentice HCA
Kiranjit Virk - Medical Laboratory Assistant
Nathan Whibberly - Apprentice Clinical Engineer
Christine White - Retail Team Member
James Wild - Bank Sonographer
Vanessa Wilson - Staff Nurse NQN
Sian Woodcock - Physiotherapy Assistant
Katie Wheeldon - Physiotherapist
Joanne Siddall - Accounts Assistant
Joshua Mantle - Apprentice Clinical Engineer

Update - 4th September

Georgina Bingham - Occupational Therapist
Heather Cripps - Research Nurse
Joanne Dutton - Staff Nurse (NQ)
Jillian Evans - Patient Services Assistant
Lee Flint - Patient Records Assistant
Nicole Fyfe - Physiotherapist
Abigail Gregory - Staff Nurse
Francesca Guerriero - Physiotherapy Apprentice
Novira Herrod - Patient Services Assistant
Tereza Ivana - Operating Department Practitioner
Hannah Lancaster - Integrated Midwife
Donna Levick - Patient Services Assistant
Stephanie Lockwood - Senior Radiography Practitioner
Paula Lovett - Sister
Rebecca Lowens - Clinical Typist
Neil Opie - Maxillo-facial Consultant
Caron Presswood - Staff Nurse
Olivia Pretty - Occupational Therapist
Amy Rodda - Phlebotomy
Lynn Socket - Patient Services Assistant
Jamie Wild - Bank Sonographer
Charlotte Williams - Apprentice - DU Assistant
Jacob Potter - APT
Kirsty Gudgeon - Staff Nurse

Update - 21st August

Clare Blake - Theatre Support Worker
Donna Croucher - PALS Officer
Laura Cutler-Wood - Healthcare Assistant
Shannon Dodsworth - NNU Sister
Nicola Fenton - Healthcare Assistant
Stacey Fullwood - Healthcare Assistant
Glenis Harris - PSA
Leanne Hollingworth - Records Assistant
Erin Jeffcock - Admin Apprentice
Wendy Kus - Eye Clinic
June Larner - Healthcare Assistant
Kaylie Larner-Newton - Healthcare Assistant
Ann Lidgate - Operational Service Lead
Purnendu Majundar - Urology Consultant
Lisa May - Healthcare Assistant
Samantha McDermott - Healthcare Assistant
Allan Musaid - Healthcare Assistant
Natasha Pearson - Healthcare Assistant
Emily Slack - Infection Control
Harry Slack - Records Assistant
Lynn Socket - PSA
Linda Smith - Clerical Officer
Julie Spencer - Healthcare Assistant
Stephanie Steele - Clerical Administrative Officer
Carrie Ann Todd - Catering Team Member
Christian Perry - Doctor (GP)

Update - 17th July

Humera Ahmed - Student Audiologist
Kelly Bagshaw - Patient Services Assistant
Claire Baker - Housekeeper
Angus Chan - Pre-reg Pharmacist
Vanessa Che - Pre-reg Pharmacist
Raegan Daff - Bank Records Assistant
Kieran Daniels - Bank Porter
Ashley Deveril - Apprentice Operating Department Orderly
Nicole Fyfe - Physiotherapist
Zara Gladwin-Coupe - Healthcare Assistant
Sue House - Urgent Care Practitioner
Ahsan Khalid - Student Audiologist
Kim Matthews - Admin Coordinator
Anna Poptsi - Microbiology Assistant
Julia Sanderson - Bank Phlebotomist
Katherine Quincey - Dietitian
Philip Watson - Bank Porter
Rachael West - PSA
Bethany Willis - Apprentice Operating Department Orderly
Kym Wilson - Microbiology Assistant


Update - 3rd July

Susan Anderson - HR Support Services Assistant
Liam Baker - Physiotherapist
Josephine Ballington - Staff Nurse
Matthew Belshaw - Bank Prter
Kelly Castleton - Patient Services Assistant 
Richard Dobson - Consultant Anaesthetics
Bryony Lewis - Rotational Occupational Therapist
Andrew Longmead - Bank Sonographer
Teresa McArdle - Staff Nurse
Diane McNamee - Clinical Typist/Admin Assistant
Joshua Mimms - Rotational Physiotherapist
Suporna Paul - Patient Services Assistant
Samantha Robinson - Clerical Officer
Sarah Sewell - Inter Professional Development Lead
Ben Stocks - Admin Apprentice
Amy Vardy - Pharmacy Assistant
Kera Wild - Operating Departing Orderly
Sadie Woods - Assistant Practitioner
Marcia Young - Quality Governance Co-Ordinator
Jennifer Jones - Pharmacist
Alice Lomas - Bank
Sharon Thorpe-Roberts - Palliative Care Nurse

Update - 19th June

Shamiso Augustin - Chief Nurse Fellow
Kelly Castleton - Patient Services Assistant
Hannah Fellows - Healthcare Assistant
Amanda Garraty - Records Assistant
Kayley Greenfield - Assistant Accountant
Catherine Husband - HR Partner
Emily Jackson - Urgent Care Practitioner
Steven Long - Assistant Accountant
Stacey Marples - Max Fax
Pauline Mellow - Healthcare Assistant
Laura Paterson - Healthcare Assistant
Suporna Paul - Patient Services Assistant
Alison Sandu - Clinical Scientist
Amy Saunt - Pharmacy Technician
Barbara Swain - Outpatient Receptionist
Moses Tembo - Warehouse Technician
Jordan Vaughan - Business Admin Apprentice
Sarah Williamson - Dietitian
Carl Yellot-Bilby - Application Support Technician


Update - 5th June

Leanne Baugh - Patient Services Assistant
Cecile Blanzat - Children's Mental Health Worker
Lisvic Boves-Martinez - Patient Services Assistant
Rupinderjit Brar - Staff Nurse
Carly Brewster - Occupational Therapist
Caroline Brookes - Patient Services Assistant
Bethany Cocker - Midwifery Support Worker
Scott Corden - Patient Services Assistant
Katerzyna Delong - Patient Services Assistant
Leigh Evans - Palliative Care Nurse
Thomas Fearns - Assistant Accountant
Maggie Hay - Volunteer
Mike Hayward - Deputy Director of Emergency Care Pathways and Access
Catherine Hynes - Children's Mental Health Worker
William Ian Boston - Pathology Van Driver
Kirsty Johnson - Patient Services Assistant
Hannah Kamkar - Staff Nurse
Hannah Leighton - Pharmacy Technician
Rachel Morrison - Children's Community Nursing Assistant
Leanne Collier-Wilson - CAMHS
Farad Motelab - Consultant
Elizabeth Nudd - Volunteer
Phillip Pepperell - Urgent Care Practitioner
Amanda Rhodes - Staff Nurse
Dannika Rylah - Staff Nurse
Robert Shaw - Patient Services Assistant
Deborah Smith - Senior OT
Elizabeth Staveley - Nursery Nurse
Shirley Taylor - CAMHS Specialist Community Advisor
Sharon Thorpe-Roberts - Palliative Care Nurse
Pam Ward - Volunteer
Tracey Whibberley - Midwifery Support Worker
Laura White - Patient Services Assistant
Amy White - Sister/Charge Nurse

Update - 15th May

Amber Boyd - Theatre Support Worker
Craig Bramley - Admin Assistant
Laura Darnell - Patient Services Assistant
Laura Dodd - Theatre Support Worker
Kelly Filmer - Patient Services Assistant
Alexander Fores - Accounts Officer
Lydia Goddard - Apprentice Phlebotomist
Tia Grant - Catering Team Member
Tracey Johnson - Patient Services Assistant
Kathryn Jones - Speech and Language Therapist
Samantha Mason - Appointments Clerk
Amanda Miles - Dental Nurse
Jamie-Alecia Moore - Retail Team Member
Ruth Morley - Pharmacy Assistant
Farad Motelab - Consultant
Michaela Oldfield
Beena Patel - Optometrist
Carolyn Richards - Patient Services Assistant
Julie Robinson - Bereavement Officer
Agnieszka Stepaniuk - Patient Services Assistant
Joanna Stone - Pharmacy Technician
Gillian Mason - Admin Assistant


Update - 2nd May

Lisa Bowler - Relief CAO
Anthony Brown - Admin/Reception
Christopher Cammack - Outpatient Receptionist
Angela Conroy - Admin/Reception
Philippa Eyre - General Assistant
Beverley Fox - Catering Team Member
Gillian Godden - Safeguarding Adults Lead
Cecilia Green - Matron
Jeanette Groombridge - Children's Mental Health Worker
Martin Hall - Endoscopy Admin Apprentice
Frances Joslin - Senior Clinical Pharmacist
Eleanor Longden - Patient Services Assistant
Nicola Norton - Patient Services Assistants
Ruth Norton - Staff Nurse
Caroline Oliver - Staff Nurse
Thomas Parmley - IT Support Assistant
Carolyn Richards - Patient Services Assistants
Nicholas Schuijtvlot - Upper GI Consultant
Megan Smith - Practice Learning Facilitator
Barbara Swain - Outpatient Receptionist
Melissa Turner - Admin/Receptionist
Kimberley Wooten - Trainee Anatomical Pathology Technician
Bronwen Morris - Consultant Psychiatrist
Sarah Farndon - ODP, Theatres
Nicola Buxton - Pharmacy
Faheemah Aziz - Occupational Therapy Student
Gemma Hartley - Assistant Psychologist

Update - 18th April

Yvonne Barnsley - Healthcare Assistant
Stephen Birtles - Emergency Admissions Records Assistant
Kim Bowles - Outreach Worker
Martin Burrows - New Appointments Clerk
Dawn Cornell - Patient Records Assistant
Andea Dzepina - Chief Cardiac Physiologist
Andrew Gregory - Dietetic Team Leader
Paul Guppy - Cook Team Leader
Hayley Hollis - Pharmacy Assistant
Katherine Little - Children's Community Specialist Nurse
Victoria McCartney - Healthcare Assistant
Amber Poole - Sonographer
Laura Shipman - Healthcare Assistant
Charlotte Taylor - Lead Senior Physiotherapist
John Taylor - Patient Records Assistant
Laura Warwick - Senior CAO
Rhianne Sambrook - Business Admin Apprentice
Helena Davis - Maternity Assistant
Ruth Norton - Staff Nurse
Vicky Lane - Maternity Assistant
Laura Parkin - Maternity Assistant

Update - 3rd April

Stephen Birtles - Records Assistant
Louise Blundell - Staff Nurse/ODP
Jodie Bradder - Research Nurse
Cindy Cart - Staff Nurse
Jennette Cocking - Facilities Admin Co-ordinator
Glynis Collier - Paediatric Liaison Nurse
Helena Davis - Maternity Assistant
Janet Gibson - Outpatient Receptionist
Elizabeth Hackett - Children's Community Mental Health Worker
Susan House - Urgent Care Practitioner
Mollie Lincoln - Receptionist/Administrator
Jeanette Stevens - Paediatric Staff Nurse
Eloise Johnson - Radiology Administration
Emma Stockdale - Occupational Therapist


Update - 20th March

Samantha Armstrong - Healthcare Assistant
Laura Backhouse - Apprentice OT Assistant
Chelsea Hardy - Apprentice OT Assistant
Katie Hastings - Apprentice OT Assistant
Benjamin Jennings - Healthcare Assistant
Paula Johnstone - Healthcare Assistant
Lauren Slinn - Theatre Reception Support Worker
Kelsey Stirling - Apprentice OT Assistant
Beverley Talbot - Healthcare Assistant
Jamie Wells - Healthcare Assistant
Chloe Wright - New Appointments
Chelsea Hardy - Apprentice OT Assistant
Ivy Abraham - Healthcare Assistant


Update - 6th March

Roslyn Allan - Staff Nurse
Gillian Bevan - Staff Nurse
Maele Bestwick - Staff Nurse
Claire Chambers - Staff Nurse
Sarah Christian - Staff Nurse (NQ)
Sonja Clarke - Staff Nurse
Alan Crofts - Bank Porter
Marie Hippey - Clinical Procurement Specialist Buyer
Richard Illingworth - Bank Porter
Emma Rose - Staff Nurse (NQ)
Sue Mapletoft - ED Receptionist
Michelle McArdle - Staff Nurse (NQ)
Netty Mdludi - Staff Nurse (NQ)
Lindsay Money - CAO
Emma Pagliano - Staff Nurse (NQ)
Leah Poxton - Staff Nurse (NQ)
Emily Skill - Staff Nurse (NQ)
Lauren Spicer - Phlebotomist
Ray St Ledger - Clinical Psychologist
Ioan Tomozei - ST6
Zoe Turner - Staff Nurse (NQ)
Catherine Wagstaff - Staff Nurse
Chloe Wright - Appointments
Cindy Tanchiatco - Radiographer
Emily Dixon - Assistant Psychologist
Ashleigh McMahon - CAMHS Practitioner Trainee

Update - 20th February

Susan Jobi - Healthcare Assistant
Mandy Jones - OT Technical Instructor
Ciara Kehoe - Healthcare Assistant
Karen Kellett - Clinical Administrative Officer
Rebecca Linley - Healthcare Assistant
Elizabeth Luongo - Healthcare Assistant
Ashley McMahon - CAMHS Practitioner Trainee
Andrea Merrill - Primary Mental Health Worker
Ginette Morris - Admin/Receptionist
Holly Musgrove - Healthcare Assistant
Daniel Preist - Emergency Admissions Records Assistant
Gabrielle Roe - Business Admin Apprentice
Elizabeth Scarlett - Endoscopy Booking Officer
Joanne Smiley - Bank Records Clerk
Eleese Smith - Admin Apprentice
Catherine Stroner - Healthcare Assistant
Amanda Thorpe - Healthcare Assistant
Wendy Wagner - Healthcare Assistant
Jordan Wilde - Business Admin Apprentice
Kayleigh Winnard - Healthcare Assistant
Carol Yeung - Healthcare Assistant
Raymond Elliott - CAMHS Nurse
Thomas Bray - Business Apprenticeship
Graham Biggs - Bank Porter
Gillian Blackwell - Patient Services Assistant
Lana Booth - Healthcare Assistant
Emily Bown - Business Admin Apprentice
Ryan Britland - Business Admin Apprentice
Jane Burton - Admin/Receptionist
Irene Clark - Practice Nurse
Katarzyna Danek - Accounts Apprentice
Jacqueline Gonzales - Healthcare Assistant
Matthew Gould - Urgent Care Team Lead
Shannon Gresham - Healthcare Assistant
Gemma Hind - Admin/Receptionist
Sophie Holt - Healthcare Assistant
Sophie Howson - Physiotherapy Assistant
Amyleigh Jarvis - Healthcare Assistant

Update - 6th February

Kathryn Andrews - Patient Records Assistant
Gillian Blackwell - Patient Services Assistant
Harley Cooper - Staff Nurse
Donna Cowley - Switchboard Operator
Kathryn Daykin - Named Nurse - Children in Care
Dean Feeney - Patient Records Assistant
Rachel Flynn - CAMHS Practitioner Trainee
Rachel Globe - Lead Senior Physiotherapist
Justine Lee - Mental Health Nurse Specialist
Hannah Pywell - Dietitian
Kerry Vardy - Switchboard Operator
Rebecca Webber - Trainee CBT


Update - 16th January

Dr Hana Beshti - Consultant in Pathology
Carole Bramley - Healthcare Assistant
Dr Faiha Eltayeb - Consultant Microbiologist
Ian Lindsey - Logistics Assistant
Louise Luff - Healthcare Assistant
Howard Wright - Patient Records Assistant
Ashley James - Imaging Nurse
Sadie Burrows - Urgent Care Practitioner CAMHS

Update - 3rd January

Janice Bradshaw - Senior Pharmacy Technician
Stacey Henderson - Staff Nurse
Dr Andrew Kay - Consultant, Surgical Services
Michelle Leonard - Assistant Practitioner
Dawn Metcalfe - Ward Receptionist
Caren Paton - Patient records Assistant
Kerrie Selman - Staff Nurse
Sarah Smith - Staff Nurse
Paul Stokes - Scope Co-ordinator
Peter McKinley - Smith - Security Advisor


Update - 18th December

Jennifer Carter - Digital Media Officer
Amanda Crowder - Healthcare Assistant
Faiha Elpayeb - Consultant Microbiologist
Samuel Kwaitkowski - Business Admin Apprentice
Ricardo Isidor - Bank DU Assistant
Neena Morgan - Cancer Data and Performance Lead
Heather Stroud - Clinical Nurse Specialist - Respiratory
Christopher Sutherland - CAMHS Outreach Worker
Lorraine Biggs - Clinical Typist

Update - 5th December

Ellie Adin - Staff Nurse
Christina Bande - Pre-Degree Healthcare Intern
Megan Barlow - Midwifery Support Worker
Laura Carr - Midwifery Support Worker
Nina Crowther - Midwifery Support Worker
Charlene Guirdham - Staff Nurse
Frances Hall - Staff Nurse
Julie Hallam - Bank General Imaging Assistant
Melanie Johnson - Receptionist
Samantha Jones - Primary Mental health Worker
Soumya Kuriakose - Healthcare Assistant
Sophie Mallen - Midwifery Support Worker
George Peck - Bank General Imaging Assistant
Sarah Putland - General Imaging Assistant
Jane Reade - Ward Receptionist
Frances Reed - Midwifery Support Worker
Mary Robinson - Aspiring ANP
Lauren Spicer - Bank General Imaging Assistant
Kate Swindell - Midwifery Support Worker
Julie Whitmore - Staff Nurse
Jeanette Wykes - Staff Nurse
Anna Golab - Patient Services Assistant

Update - 21st November

Lyndsay Baker - General maging Assistant
Alice Brown - Patient and Admin Support
Mary Callendar - Healthcare Assistant
Susan Gittins - Paediatric Liaison Nurse
Chelsea Law - Healthcare Assistant
Ben Lawrence-Owen - Specialist Speech and Language Therapist
Walter Leatherday - Bank General Imaging Assistant
Suzanne Lowe - Healthcare Assistant
Mark Luscombe - Consultant Anaesthetist
Simon Pannell - Trainee ACP
Samantha Plowman - Trainee ACP
Nicole Porter - Maternity Assistant
Keith Roberts - Trainee ACP
Claire Sykes - Trainee ACP
Clare Slater - Pharmacy Procurement Manager
Keelie Stock - Trainee ACP
Adam Torincsi - Helathcare Assistant
Deepali Trivedi - Ophthalmologist Associate Specialist
Clare Walker - Phlebotomist
James Watson - Trainee ACP
Heather Westwood - Clinical Typist
Grant Whiteside - Trainee ACP
Courtney Thacker - Admin Assistant
Summan Hussain - HCA Training
Kerry Sharp - Trainee ACP

Update - 7th November

Paul Atherton - Bank Decontamination Assistant
Omolara Badmos - Bank Phlebotomist
Sophie Baker - Bank PSA
Kelly Booker - Patient Services Assistant
Susan Caudwell - Outpatient Receptionist
Samantha Chambers - Quality Governance Officer
Danielle Degnan - Staff Nurse
Tressider Duncan - Staff Nurse
Louise Dyason - Paediatric Dietitian
Ysain El-Wajeh - Trust Dental Doctor
Sophie Garner - Staff Nurse
Adele Gnandte - Assistant Clinical Psychologist
Gemma Nield - ODP
Jayne Perkins - Staff Nurse
Carly Pickering - Staff Nurse
Hayley Roberts - Midwife
Paula Rose - Staff Nurse
Rachel Simpson - Midwife
Lucy Synnott - Midwife
Tessa Wood - Midwife
Marie Tann - Nurse, Safeguarding
Sarah Berry - Technical Instructor
Angela Turner - Biomedical Scientist

Update - 17th October

Mobolaji Adegbite - Bank Catering Team Member
Anita Allen - Midwife
Alicia Birtles - Apprentice Pharmacy Technician
Janet Brooks - Phlebotomist
Helen Brown - Healthcare Assistant
Angela Cartwright - Clinical Administrative Officer
Nadine Chalkley - Healthcare Assistant
Tracey Crofts - General Imaging Assistant
Andrew Goodall - Dental Doctor
Alexandra Gregory - Theatre Support Worker
Bethany Gresty - Apprentice Pharmacy Technician
Jane Hall - Healthcare Assistant
Lindsay Hall - Healthcare Assistant
Danielle Harpham - Healthcare Assistant
Helen Hawkins - Trainee Nurse Colposcopist
Laura Holmes - Apprentice Pharmacy Technician
Catherine Mansbridge - Healthcare Assistant
Lucy Martin - Integrated Midwife
James Pickess - Healthcare Assistant
Katie Rawson - Medical Laboratory Assistant
Susan Rudd - Trust Secretary
Nicola Shepherd - Mental Health Nurse Specialist
Elizabeth Priest - Midwife
Lindsay Mellors - Imaging Department
Marie Tann - Head of Safeguarding
Christopher Thomas - Theatre Support Worker
Angela Turner - Biomedical Scientist
Lydia Walker - Bank Phlebotomist
Melanie Wilson - Healthcare Assistant
Sarah Redfern - Healthcare Assistant

Update - 3rd October

Samantha Armstrong - Bank Patient Services
Paul Bexton - Bank Patient Services Assistant
Chloe Bexton - Admin Apprentice
Nicholas Binns - Bank Radiographer Practitioner
Lisa Blackwell - Staff Nurse
Katie Brailsford - Staff Nurse
Sydney Canning - Maternity Volunteer
Emma Bray - Staff Nurse
Rebecca Cowley - Helping with CQUIN
Lindsay Darby - Maternity Volunteer
Lucy Ellis - Staff Nurse
Jade Fanton - Infection Control Admin Apprentice
Travis Ferrier - Medical Laboratory Assistant
Heather Goddard - Skin Cancer Nurse Specialist
Joanne Gore - Bank Patient Services Assistant
Stephanie Grainger - Staff Nurse
Rosemary Greatorex - Staff Nurse
Jamie Lee Gynn - Staff Nurse
Andrew Henderson - Staff Nurse
Michael Hewer - Staff Nurse
Rachel Higgins - Children's mental Health Worker
Mary Hill - Staff Nurse
Angela Howard - Staff Nurse
Grace Keeling - Staff Nurse
Chloe Khurana - Staff Nurse
Maria Leadbeater - Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Services Lead
Amara Linaker - Staff Nurse
Lindsay Lowde - Maternity Assistant
Laura Marshall - Operating Department Practitioner
Lynn McNair - Helping with CQUIN
Sally Moore - Staff Nurse
Simon Morritt - Chief executive
Katie Orwin - Staff Nurse
Lucy Petitjean - Staff Nurse
Katie Rice - Staff Nurse
Kayleigh Richards - Staff Nurse
Elizabeth Roper - Staff Nurse
Brijesh Sharma - Ophthalmology Associate Specialist
Daniella Smith - Staff Nurse
Jade Smith - Staff Nurse
Paige Stevenson - Maternity Volunteer
Jane Storer - SLT Team Lead
Stephanie Swift - Maternity Volunteer
Jodie Thurgood - Maternity Volunteer
Chloe Treble - Staff Nurse
Kerry Webster - Staff Nurse (newly qualified)
​Hayley White - Staff Nurse

Update - 19th September 2016

Ashby Lauren - Healthcare Assistant
Jessica Bittles - Helathcare Assistant
Zoe Crawley - Healthcare Assistant
Louise Davidson - Healthcare Assistant
Analin Facelo - Healthcare Assistant
Keen Shawn Foong - Consultant Histopathologist
Michelle Gascoigne - Healthcare Assistant
Hannah Goold - Physiotherapist
Amy Grant - Administrative Assistant
Sean Green - Bank Porter
Bethany Higgins - Healthcare Assistant
Rebecca Hill - Bank - General Imaging Assistant
Shanice Holder - Healthcare Assistant
Charlotte Hulatt - Healthcare Assistant
Kerry Julian - Ward Receptionist
David Larkin - Operating Department Orderly
Emily Newman - Healthcare Assistant
Carla Pendleton - Healthcare Assistant
Bethany Ravey - Healthcare Assistant
Emma Rooth - Clinical Typist
Ella Rowarth - Medical Laboratory Assistant
Timothy Sanderson - Healthcare Assistant
Fiona Schmidt - Maternity Assistant
Victoria Toyn - Clinical Administrative Officer
Alexandra Walker - Healthcare Assistant
Claire Whitbread - Healthcare Assistant
Melanie Alexander - Learning Disability Nurse

Update - 5th September 2016

Nicola Elliott - Staff Nurse
Geoffrey Ashby - Project Lead (Graduate Trainee)
Muhammad Ashraf - Ophthalmology Associate Specialist
Abigail Atkin - Training Radiography Practitioner
Melanie Butler - Emergency Department Receptionist
Keen Shawn Foong - Consultant Histopathologist
Giuseppina Hannan - Bank Advanced Reporting Radiographer
Andrea Hoffmeister - Lead Senior Physiotherapist
Jack Hutchinson - Bank Admin Assistant
Kath Ledward - CAO
Lindsay Lewis - Paediatric Consultant
Carrie Marples - HR Support Services Assistant
Nicola Medd - Paediatric Consultant
Pamela Powton - Admin Assistant - Buxton
Rachel Ratcliffe - New Appointments Clerk
Emma Richardson - Matron
Tina Roberts - DU Supervisor
Helen Spencer - Maternity Assistant
Louise Terry - Consultant Anaesthetist
Rachel Traveller - Medical Workforce Officer
Julie Whitehead - Senior Clinical Pharmacist
Jayne Wilson - Staff Nurse
Danielle Wright - Midwife
Sophie Tipple - Children's Mental Health Worker
Rachel Hague - Radiographer

Update - 15th August 2016

Janette Baker - Integrated Midwife
Victoria Barsby - IT Systems Trainer
Julie Boler - Healthcare Assistant
Philip Bradley - Porter
Stephanie Brassington - Healthcare Assistant
Deborah Cairns - Healthcare Assistant
Alesha Chaudray - Bank Audiologist
Catherine Conchie - Bank Paediatric Dietitian
Paul Gibson - Healthcare Assistant
Alex Hall
Krystyna Jaskot - Integrated Midwife
Rachel Marples - Nursery Nurse
Matthew Pearce - Staff Nurse
Susan Southey - Healthcare Assistant
Lesley Webb - Clinical Administrative Officer
Mark White - Bank Porter
Sam Young - Rotational Physiotherapist

Update - 1st August 2016

Lindsey Argo - Senior Clinical Pharmacist
Safura Aziz - Audiologist
Victoria Burnett - Specialist Biomedical Scientist
Maria Coleman - Staff Nurse
Ann Conroy - Assistant Technical Officer
Natasha Froggatt - Business Admin Apprentice
Andrew Gilmour - Senior Radiography Practitioner
Wesley Hindle - Hospitality Team Leader
Georgia Hudson - Business Admin Apprentice
James Hughes - Pre-registration Pharmacist
Anita Jacob - Trust SHO
Emma Jensen - Bank Administration Assistant
Sally Jones - Pre-registration Pharmacist
Tahir Khalifa - Senior Clinical Pharmacist
Thomas Lowery - Pre-reg Pharmacist
Amanda Rose - Ward Practitioner
Lucy Turner - Assistant Dietetic Practitioner
Daisy Twigger - Assistant Clinical Psychologist
Janine Wolstenhome - General Manager
Lauren Yates - Assistant Management Accountant

Update - 4th July 2016

Kerry Burrows - Dietitian
Rachael Clifford - Bank Patient Services Assistant
Jodie Cocking - Staff Nurse
Perdita Edwards - Paediatric Audiologist
Nicola Hull - ED Receptionist
Alison Humphries - Bank Receptionist
Hannah James - Audiologist
Abby James - Bank Patient Services Assistant
Alake Johnson - Patient Services Assistant
Iman Khodaei - ENT Consultant
Michaela Lance - Physiotherapy Assistant
Corina Loghin - Staff Nurse
Nilakshi Madurapperuma - Paediatric Assistant
Martina Mancini - Staff Nurse
Salvatore Morrone - Staff Nurse
Silvia Panetta - Staff Nurse
Molly Quinn - Bank PSA
Beta Senko - Staff Nurse
Joanna Talbot - Junior Ophthalmic Photographer
Jayne Wilkinson - Bank Patient Services Assistant
Asia Zitti - Staff Nurse
Emma Nelson - Staff Nurse
Sarah Randall - Cardiac Physiologist

Update - 20th June 2016

Emma Bartram - Audiologist
Susan Caudwell - Bank Decontamination Unit Assistant
Katie Crisp - Clinical Administrative Officer
Joanne Davies - Healthcare Assistant
Marie Flaherty - Dental Nurse
Claire Goodfellow - Children's Speech and Language Therapist
Peter Hill - Speech and Language Therapist, Stroke Early Supported Discharge Team
Emma Keen - Bank Decontamination Unit Assistant
Kevin Kellett - Bank Decontamination Unit Assistant
Karen Paulucci - relief ward Receptionist
Umi Quinn - Senior Clinical Pharmacist
Julie Rowley - Healthcare Assistant
Julie Wedgwood - E-Learning and Learning Portal Lead

Update - 3rd May 2016

Kathryn Ball - Senior Radiography Practitioner
Lorenzo Cafisi - Staff Nurse
Christina Calogero - Staff Nurse
Louisa Campbell - Bank Receptionist
Ami Cooper - Medical Laboratory Assistant
Luigi D'Amici - Staff Nurse
Florin Daraban - Staff Nurse
Valentina Del Sorbo - Staff Nurse
Indranil Dutta - Consultant - Obs and Gynae
Susanne Glasby - Staff Nurse
Jessica Gomez - Theatre Practitioner
Debra Hempshall - Clinical Typist
James Howe - Theatre Practitioner
Peter-Paul Kavaarpuo - Staff Nurse
Julie Lynch - Research Nurse
Paul Martin - Van Driver
Marta Martini - Staff Nurse
Rosine Ndikubwimana - Staff Nurse
Isobel Swan - Clinical Pharmacist
Chloe-Jaye Tomlinson - New Appointments Officer
Sara Venditti - Staff Nurse

Update - 18th April 2016

Iftab Akram - Optometrist
Lorraine Bagnall - Paediatric Healthcare Assistant
Gemma Beasley - Children's Speech and Language Therapist
Gemma Cresswell - Clinical Administrative Officer
Beth Grover - Children's Speech and Language Therapist
Michael Hall - Healthcare Assistant
Marie Jenkinson - Healthcare Assistant
Lucy King - Nursery Support Worker
Alexandros Kyritsis - Clinical Fellow
Sophie McCardle - Healthcare Assistant
Patrick O'Sullivan - System Trainer
Angela Payne - Healthcare Assistant
Hannah Potten - Practice Learning Facilitator
Laura Taylor-Bassett - Paediatric OPD Receptionist
Mary Welch - Bank Receptionist
Kathryn Bingham - Maternity Assistant

Update - 4th April 2016

Christina-Lonela Apetroaei - Staff Nurse
Samantha Beckett - Rotational Physiotherapist
Andrea d'Angelo - Staff Nurse
Francesca Del Maestro - Staff Nurse
Denise Foulkes - Bank Advanced Radiography Practitioner
Melanie Greaves - Microbiology Assistant
Adam Jones - Dietitian
Bernadette Joynes - Admin Assistant/Clinical Typist
Silvia Lai - Staff Nurse
Louise Le Page - Facilities Services Co-ordinator
Susan Morris - General Imaging Assistant
Emma Overton - Clinic Admin Assistant
Grace Thomas - New Appointments Clerk
Suzanne Walker - Outpatient Receptionist
James Walmsley - Application Support Technician
Beverley Williams - Staff Nurse

Update - 16th November 2015

Jane Bown - Patient Safety Lead (Quality Governance)
Juliet Darnell - Sister (Theatres)
Chloe Furniss - Staff Nurse (Markham Ward)
Louise Geer - Housekeeper (Neonatal)
Claire Goodwin - Integrated Midwife (Women and Children's)
Sharon Jarvis - Specialist Outreach Worker (CAMHS)
Mehnaaz Khan - Clinical Specialist Pharmacist
Candice Lazarus - Assistant Psychologist (CAMHS)
Charlotte Masters - Senior Clinical Pharmacist
Cleophas Nampoza - Staff Nurse (ITU/HDU)
Jacob Oakley - Junior Ophthalmic Photographer (Eye Centre)
Rebecca Wilkins - Staff Nurse (Emergency Department)

Update - 19th October 2015

Amy Archibald - Healthcare Assistant (Ridgeway ward)
Rebecca Bite - Urology Nurse Practitioner (Urology)
Melissa Booker - Pre-Degree Healthcare Assistant (Durrant ward)
Annmarie Cartwright - Patient services Assistant (Patient services)
Jessica Cousin - Pre-Degree Healthcare Assistant (Markham ward)
Rebecca Cowley - Healthcare Assistant (NQ) (Durrant ward)
Margaret Dennett - Integrated Midwife (Chesterfield Birth Centre)
Kiera Garratt - Staff Nurse (HDU/ITU)
Charlotte Grayson - Theatre Support Worker (PACU)
Leya Guest - Pre-Degree Healthcare Assistant (Elizabeth ward)
Jodie Haynes - Healthcare Assistant (Manvers Ward)
Christopher Haywood - Healthcare Assistant (Barnes ward)
Sophie Hudson - Integrated Midwife (Chesterfield Birth Centre)
Julianne Jeavons - Healthcare Assistant (Elmton Ward)
Alake-Anne Johnson - Pre-Degree Healthcare Assistant (Manvers Ward)
Steven Jones - Operating Department Practitioner (Theatres)
Helen Kearney - Staff Nurse (Ridgeway Ward)
Stephanie Lilley - Pre-Degree Healthcare Assistant (Elmton ward)
Stuart Lilley - Bank Porter (Portering Services)
Stephen Lloyd - Staff Nurse (EMU/CDU)
Julie Morris - Ward Receptionist (Medicine)
Abbey Pickering - Healthcare Assistant (EMU/CDU)
Katie Rose - Healthcare Assistant (Pain Clinic)
Ellen Rowley - Healthcare Assistant (Portland Ward)
Dr Manu Shastry - Consultant Radiologist (Imaging)
Danial Shaw - Chief Orthodontic and Maxillofacial Technician/Laboratory Manager (Orthodontics)
Dr Pallai Shillo - Consultant - Diabetes (Diabetes)
Thomas Wolstenholme - Operating Department Practitioner (Theatres)
Daniella Szabu - Newly Qualified Nurse (Manvers Ward)


Update - 5th October 2015

Jo Banks - Consultant in Paediatrics (Paediatrics)
Sarah Bird - Staff Nurse (Endoscopy)
Helen Buckland - Staff Nurse (Endoscopy)
Laura Carr - Housekeeper/Admin Assistant (Children's Community Nursing)
Heidi Carr - Healthcare Assistant (NQ) (Transitional Care)
Michelle Chambers - Patient Services Assistant - Domestics (Pathology Lab)
Natasha Cowdrey - Clinical Psychcologist in Child Development Psychology (CAMHS)
Alexandra Cox - Staff Nurse (Emergency Department)
Janine Crookes - Bank Catering Team Member (Catering)
Lucy Davies - Senior Clinical Pharmacist (Pharmacy)
Aurora Del Pozo - Senior Clinical Pharmacist (Pharmacy)
Dr Rowena Faulkner - Consultant Haematology (Haematology)
Catherine Frazer - Student Nurse (Elmton Ward)
Philip Gorton - Bank Porter (Facilities)
Tracey Hall - Physiotherapy Assistant (Therapy Services)
Julie Hall - Housekeeper/Admin Assistant
Toby Harwin - Patient records Assistant (Patient Records)
Rebecca Cowley - Newly Qualified Staff Nurse (Eastwood Ward)
Azraa Motala- Newly Qualified Audiologist
Paul Larkin - Junior Ophthalmic Photographer (Eye Centre)
Richard Lievesley - Bank Porter (Facilities)
Anna Lund - CAMHS Consultant (CAMHS)
Wendy Marples - New Appointments Officer (New Appointments)
Katie Martins - Senior Physiotherapist (Physiotherapy)
Charlotte Masters - Senior Clinical Pharmacist (Pharmacy)
Namakau Mubonda - Staff Nurse (HDU/ITU)
Shanice Newton - Patient Services Assistant (Domestics)
Katie O'Sullivan - Student Nurse (Barnes Ward)
Lisa Ratcliffe - Patient Services Assistant (Domestics)
Abigail Roden - Healthcare Assistant (NQ) (HDU/ITU))
Lindsay Rogers - ​Physiotherapy Assistant (Physio)
Amy Ross - Student Nurse (Devonshire Ward)
Samantha Rowe - Healthcare Assistant (NQ) (Durrant Ward)
Clive Stevens - Bank Porter (Facilities)
Michael Stockton - Bank Porter (Facilities)
Joanna Stout - Children's Community Nurse/Training Co-ordinator (Community)
Rebecca Walston - Staff Nurse (Eastwood Ward)
Judith Wilson - Data Quality and System Support Administrator (Patient Records)
Nicholas Wright-Carter - Patient Records Assistant (Patient Records)
Hannah Longstaff - Newly Qualified Nurse (Devonshire Ward)
Matthew Dunham - New Appointments Officer